Monday, February 11, 2008

Fair and Balanced? Sure Fox.

Unfair and Unbalance?
Wait no, wrong motto. Yet somehow more fitting.
Anyone who has seen the movie Outfoxed understands what I am talking about.

I have been sick of people who only get their news from one media source, Fox. Might as well just believe everything that comes out of the mighty spindoctor, Billy O’s mouth. No need for other opinions when you know that his is the only one that counts, right? WRONG! Recently, Fox has decided to let go of a moderator and a liberal panelist because they didn’t think they would be able to fit in with the new media they are trying to use? Yes, I ask that as a question because everyone who is not caught up in the cyclone of Fox knows that they are firing them for what they don’t bring to the table, republican-brainwashing bull. Fox wants to market to a younger generation and they feel they cannot do it with certain people (those being kicked to the side). They are getting rid of the liberal panelist, Neal Gabler because he once told his fellow panelists “it’s undeniable that this is a Republican-oriented network, and designed for Republicans who watch it.” What? He was only speaking the truth, which is also his opinion. Isn’t that what Fair and Balanced means? Getting all sides? Or is it more of a 9:1 thing. I am never sure. Let’s ask Bill. . .