Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Come fly with me . . .

So I know that everyone knows about the Southwest Airlines "mini-skirt" scandal. Personally I laughed. Maybe there was an old man who was sitting across from this girl in a “who wears short shorts” skirt who just needed a little pick me up. And Keith RUNINED IT!
Anyways, if you are not up to date on the Airline “scandal” let me give you a little run down. A few months ago a 23 year old Kyla Ebbert was asked to step off her flight and take a later one when she could dress more appropriately. She was told that her entire outfit was a problem and that she needed to change before being allowed on a flight. She instead pulled her shirt up and her skirt down to better cover her unmentionables.
Let’s just say that little Kyla was not happy with the way she was treated and wanted an apology from the airlines. It took a while for her to get her formal apology from the airlines, but it came after, of course, Kyla appearing on TV shows and news radio and many blogs have posted about her.
To counter the incident and make light of it Southwest airlines has issues new “mini-skirt fares". handeled this situation. They probably did this because of all the negative feedback they were getting from their customers who were upset (you can read about this on their blog).


Shane said...

First, I didn't think that her outfit was as bad as the airlines were making it out to be. Certainly, not bad enough for her to get kicked off a flight. But, it happened and the airline got what they deserved. Of course something like this is going to get picked up by news stations and spread around the blogging world, making some people mad. To Southwest airlines defense I do think they made up for it and made the best of the situation by creating "mini skirt fares." It brings more attention to there airlines, and lowers the prices of flights!

Anastacio said...

I agree with shane, the girl did not look that bad, I have seen worst.
I am glad to see mini skirts back in the news. I think I told you about my saying for english compositions: "A written compositon is like a mini skirt, long enough to cover the subject, short enough to make it interesting"