Sunday, October 14, 2007

Podcasts for Buddha

Chapter 8 of the The New Influencers titled Talker made me realize that I am never alone in my interest for weird things. Talkers is about the phenomenon of podcasting which has been around since 2004ish. The other day in my Internet and Social Media for Public Relations class we edited a potcast on Garageband. This made me realize how easy this is to do. If I wanted to tell people something I could do it via podcast. *not like people would actually listen* But there is a chance.

Take for example the story about the BunnyBlab podcast (in the New Influencers). Dana McCurley has a podcast devoted to Bunny Care 101. She has four furry, hopping friend of her own and shares about various bunny care aspects via 20 minute podcasts. Although Dana only has about 40 listeners her blog archive will be helpful to those who buy bunnies in the future.

Now who would have thought about a podcast devoted to bunnies? Not I! That’s what great about podcasts, they, like blogs, can be devoted to anything. It is not like radio where you have to reach a general audience. Podcasts are for the niche audience. I could start a podcast devoted to people who collect mini Buddha statues, and although there might not be many people out there who do, I am sure I can snag a listener or five! It is good to know that you are not alone in your interests. :)


Anastacio said...

I really enjoyed your comments on Podcast. My partner from Mexico and I want to create a podcast speaking in Spanish about eMarketing, the impact of the interent, Moore's Law, Technology Enabled Resources, etc. I am glad to know it is not too difficult a task.
I will be posting again this week on my blog. Hint!

Andrew said...

You collect mini Buddha's? ME TOO!!! Just kidding, but I found the connections you made between the reading and how personalized and obscure podcasts can be extremely interesting and current. Our society is very individualistic here in America and there really is no limit on how rare a persons interests can be and the enthusiasm with which they can put them on the internet for everyone to see. Take for instance the thousands of people who have a weekly or daily youtube diary to which they feel their audience would sorely miss if it was not up to date.

Anonymous said...

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