Monday, December 3, 2007


I thought this was cute. NASA noticed that people were not visiting their site because it was, shall we say, a little dull. They did notice however the use of social media by the younger generation and decided to take advantage of this. They decided to redo their site and market to the 18-25 year olds. An article from the New York Times tells about thier new site and what it has to offere stating, “the site, introduced over the weekend, has new blogs and widgets and more ways for people to view and manipulate content.”

I think it is great for NASA to step up and change their ways in order to grab a stronger audience. I have seen NASA’s new site and there are videos, a NASA calendar, NASA TV and even an image gallery. It is not a new community like Facebook or Myspace because they are limited as to the information they can collect from their views, but never the less, if you are into space, or just feel like you are from a different planet, you should check out the site.

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